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Fine Art By Monti
Original Paintings
Artwork that captures beautiful moments in time
Artist, Monti Ladd


A moment in time is the way I describe my art. Capturing something beautiful that will only be this certain, special way for a moment is a wonderful experience.  I want to celebrate this feeling through my art and remind others how precious these moments are.  


The early years of my childhood were spent in Eastern Tennessee amidst the Appalachian Mountains. I love the magnificent colors that the seasons bring to this region. I relocated to Flordia as a teen. The tropical foliage and seascapes became a new inspiration for me as a young artist. Moving to North Dakota gave me the opportunity to earn my Bachelor in Visual Arts degree from the University of North Dakota in 1982. My concentrations of study were oil painting and serigraphy. After graduation, I ventured west to Southern California and have called it home for over 30 years. I've been fortunate to make my living doing what I love as an artist and designer. I have painted over 400 stone tile murals for clients throughout the United States since 1998. I've returned to canvas using acrylic paint combined with traditional oil painting techniques. California has added new inspirations for my work with coastal scenes and rolling vineyards. I exhibit in art shows throughout Southern California and Florida.